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Marijuana DUI Defense - What is a Marijuana DUI? Is there a Legal Limit?

Driving under the influence of marijuana is a violation Vehicle Code section 23152(f), which says that it is illegal for anyone to drive under the influence of any drug, including marijuana.  

California does not have a per se limit of marijuana that can be in a person's blood when driving a car. This is much different than the law regarding driving under the influence of alcohol, which provides that no person can drive with a BAC of .08% or greater. There is no equivalent limit for marijuana in California.  Some states have enacted limits of 5 nano-grams per liter of blood, other states have zero tolerance statutes.

Accordingly, in California, the district attorney is required to prove that the amount of THC in your blood impaired your driving, and they can't rely on the blood test alone to show impairment. Presence of THC in blood is not proof of impairment, especially considering that THC is fat soluble and can stay in a person's blood for weeks or longer, depending upon patterns of use. 

Generally, district attorneys rely on "Standardized Field Sobriety Tests," which have no known scientific value in measuring marijuana impairment, a Drug Recognition Evaluation, and any bad driving, plus THC levels, to prove Marijuana DUIs. 

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