Battery Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys for Battery Charges - Penal Code section 242

Battery charges are alleged as a violation of Penal Code section 242. This is a simple misdemeanor charge. Battery, as opposed to assault, involves actual physical contact.  Battery is:

  1. An intentional;
  2. Touching of another; and
  3. In a harmful or offensive manner.  

A classic example of battery is punching someone in the face without provocation. However, a battery does not necessarily involve a harmful act like a punch, kick, headbutt, etc. It may involve an offensive act such as spitting in someone's face.

Defenses to Battery Charges

For over 30 years our team of criminal defense attorneys has defended thousands of criminal cases. Our firm lectures criminal defense lawyers across the country. We have obtained countless not guilty verdicts in jury trials, and obtained favorable results at the pre-trial stage. There are many defenses that may be applicable to your case.\

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you put on a successful defense to battery charges. Defenses to battery charges include:

  1. You acted in self-defense or in defense of others;
  2. You lacked the intent to commit the act (it was accidental); and
  3. You were acting within your rights to reasonably discipline your child (in cases where you are charged with battery on your child).

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